Winner's Stable

Winner’s Stable Camp Clover Barn Playset, 31-pieces

Now little equestrians can spend their summer at Camp Clover with the Winner’s Stable Camp Clover Barn. This dual sided playset comes with one barn, one 5-inch poseable Dawn doll and one 7-inch poseable Twilight horse figure. Dawn is the Rodeo Rider of the group and spends her days with her horse Twilight at the Camp Clover Barn. Featuring two floors, this playset includes a feeding station and a barn that extends to an upper-level loft! Kids can use the pitchfork to lift the hay, groom Twilights hair with the curry brush, and swing Dawn in her hammock after a hard day of work. There is even a ladder to the upper level barn! Turn the playset around, sit Dawn on Twilight’s back, and ride for hours in the enclosed fence. The Camp Clover Barn comes with 31-pieces including stickers that can be used to decorate the barn. Ages 3+


  • The barn is 12 inches tall.
  • Features two floors and a feeding station.
  • Turn the barn around for dual-sided play!
  • The barn extends an extra 4.75 inches tall.
  • Ideal for imaginative play.
  • Includes: one barn, one 5-inch poseable Dawn doll, one 7-inch poseable Twilight horse figure, one doll hat, one hay, one hay basket, one pitchfork, one saddle, one bridle & rein, one ladder, three ribbons, one vanity bench, one shampoo bottle, one curry comb, one doll comb, one hoof scraper, one shower head, one stepping stone, five apples, one hammock, one firepit, five fences, and one sticker sheet.
  • Ages 3+

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