The Original Slinky® Brickz Sand and Snow

Build everything from snow forts to sandcastles with the Original Slinky Brickz Sand and Snow. This colorful mold helps young builders create fantastic outdoor structures almost any time of year. Made from durable plastic, this mold lets kids make the most perfect 10-inches wide x 5-inches deep x 7-inches tall building blocks with packed snow or wet sand. Imagine the fun of giant sandcastles or forts that protect against snowballs. Kids can also lay brick roads and invent stacking contests. Collect multiple bricks to add even more outdoor fun with family and friends! The Slinky Brickz Sand and Snow makes a perfect kids gift for outdoor lovers and budding structural engineers ages 5 years and over.


  • Includes: 10 x 5 x 7-inch brick mold.
  • A Builder’s Best Tool: Build everything from snow forts to sandcastles with the Slinky Brickz Sand and Snow brick mold.
  • Build Creatively: The Slinky Brickz mold lets little builders make bricks by packing snow or wet sand into molds to build walls, forts, towers, or brick stacks.
  • More Brickz, Better Buildings: Collect multiple Slinky Brickz to increase the outdoor fun with families and friends.

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