Rukus Music Mixer

Move, Mix and Create with RUKUSfx, a hand-held motion-controlled music mixer! With 4 simple moves— PUNCH, SWIPE, TWIST, and FLICK – creators can loop, mix, and remix customized music tracks sure to take performances to the next level. RUKUSfx lets users create original DJ-style mixes from 100 pre-loaded music tracks. Users can also upload and mix hit songs from their favorite musical artists! Use RUKUSfx’s built-in microphone to capture extra vocal tracks or sound effects and include them in your own viral RUKUSfx remixes. You can even record your performances and share them with friends on social media! For even more fun, flip the switch and access RUKUSfx’s 80 built-in sound effects. With sounds ranging from fighting to farting, and maniacal screams to magical spells, RUKUSfx is the soundtrack to your imagination! Of course, no performance is complete without a killer light show. That’s why RUKUSfx has a built-in LED display that pulses and changes colors with every move. Whether you’re performing for an audience of one or one million, RUKUSfx is ready to rock right out of the box, and makes an excellent gift for content creators and music lovers ages 6 years and up! Requires 3xAAA batteries (included).


  • Includes: 1 RUKUSfx hand-held music mixer with built-in speaker, headphone jack and USB-C port.
  • Select Your Music And Move: Create original DJ-style mixes from built-in music tracks and sound effects.
  • Hand Movements Control The Mix: Create a mix by combining punch, swipe, twist and flick moves, then loop and mix with the built-in tracks and sound effects or load-up your own.
  • Create Custom Combinations: Choose and customize 100 mixable music track and 80 sound effects – or add more advanced features like looping and adding custom tracks.
  • Ready to Rock Out of The Box: No other device needed, RUKUSfx rocks right out of the box!
  • Perfect Gift For Content Creators: RUKUSfx is the perfect interactive electronic device for creators and music lovers ages 6 years and up.

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