Puppy Surprise

Puppy Surprise Magic Mommy Surprise

Surprise, Surprise! The new Puppy Surprise™ Magic Mommy is full of amazing surprises! How many puppies will she have? Mommy starts out curled up, waiting for the big moment. Press her paw and watch as her head moves, eyes blink and her tail wags. Then she straightens her body out to reveal the big surprise – her puppies! Watch and listen, as Mommy turns her head to kiss her sweet puppies, and barks while her tail happily wags. After her long day, Mommy curls back up to take a nice, long nap. Each Magic Mommy comes with two precious puppies in her litter! Little ones will love to cuddle, groom and nurture the entire Puppy Surprise™ family. Each mommy Puppy sold separately. Ages 3+


  • Press Mommy’s paw to activate realistic dog sounds.
  • Mommy will curl open to reveal her litter of puppies!
  • Hear Mommy make sounds when she kisses her puppies.
  • Mommy’s head moves back and forth and her eyes blink.
  • Mommy and puppies made with super soft and cuddly fabrics.
  • Ages 3+

What's Included

  • Set includes: one Magic Mommy and two surprise puppies.
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (included).

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