Puppy In My Pocket

Puppy in My Pocket Carrier with 2 Puppies – Series 7

Bring home two of the newest puppies from the Puppy in My Pocket litter! Each Puppy in My Pocket Carrier features two highly detailed figures hidden inside! Open up the carrier to reveal your new puppies! The surprise is half the fun! The carrier features a functional door and handle so you can store, carry and display your paw-some puppy collection! Each 2" soft and fuzzy figure is based on a real dog breed! Every carrier comes with a collector's checklist.  Ages 4+.


  • Figures stand 2" tall.
  • Each puppy is soft, fuzzy and inspired by a realistic dog breed.
  • Comes with a collector's checklist.
  • Series 7 includes 25 figures including one ultra-rare puppy.
  • Over 150 puppies to collect!
  • Each Puppy in My Pocket Carrier sold separately.
  • Ages 4+ ​

What's Included

  • The Puppy in My Pocket Carrier includes two hidden figures.