PJ Masks

PJ Masks Off Roader Rescue

Create Jurassic-sized adventures with the PJ Masks Off Roader Rescue Vehicle. There’s a T-Rex on the loose and the PJ Masks are needed to save the day! The PJ Masks Off Roader Rescue vehicle has plenty of room to fit your favorite heroes and villains, and even features rolling wheels. Capture the dinosaur in the cage, tow it along with the hook on the back of the vehicle, or place it inside the truck. Hook the cage to the vehicle and place Catboy in the driver’s seat and roll off to capture the dinosaur! The PJ Masks Off Roader Rescue vehicle comes with a pile of bones. Place the bones on the launcher and fling them from the top of the vehicle. The bone pile scatters when it lands and can be rebuilt to launch again. Ages 3+

What's Included

  • PJ Masks Off Roader Rescue Vehicle includes one vehicle, one 3” Catboy figure, one 6” dinosaur figure, one pile of bones, and one rolling cage.
  • Vehicle can seat up to three PJ Masks figures.
  • Rolling cage can fit in the back of the vehicle or be pulled behind.
  • Ages 3+

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