The Lion Guard

Lion Guard Training Lair Playset

Recreate the adventures of Disney Junior's The Lion Guard with the Training Lair Playset that stands over three feet tall and is full of lights, sounds and secret surprise features including a pop-out cross bow, light-up waterfall and break-away doors. The playset comes with a rock climbing area, a bungee launcher, a race track, and a telescoping look-out perch! A real-working zip line, rock lift, and boulder drop round out the action. The set also comes with two exclusive figures, Kion and Janja, to play out the Lion Guard adventures. For Ages 3 & Up.


  • Spinning Cave with Lights and Sounds
  • Light Up Waterfall
  • Kion's Rock Climbing Wall
  • Bunga's Bungee Launcher
  • Beshte's Pool with Break Away Doors
  • Fuli's Flywheel
  • Ono's Extending Tree Perch
  • Baboon Attack
  • Working Lift
  • Moveable Zip Line
  • Mzingo Target Practice
  • Hidden Crossbow Launcher
  • Boulder Drop
  • Removable Viewfinder
  • Secret Cave Hideout

What's Included

  • Includes Training Lair Playset with Lights & Sounds, over 15 Features, and exclusive Kion and Janja figures!
  • 3 x AA Batteries (included)

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