Kitty in My Pocket

Kitty in My Pocket 14 pc Set

Unleash the kitty fun! The Kitty in My Pocket 14 piece set is a true collector's dream! The set features 9 adorable fuzzy kitten figures made with realistic details and based after real cat breeds! Each kitty figure comes in a dynamic pose and is the perfect size for both play and display! This amazing set also comes with four accessories to help kids take care of their kitties including two bowls, one play brush, and one play bottle. The set even comes with a clip-on carry pouch so collectors can bring their figures along wherever they go! The pouch comes in a translucent glitter material and is perfect for clipping to bags, backpacks, jeans, and more! Kitty in My Pocket 14 Piece Sets available in two versions: blue clip-on pouch and pink clip-on pouch. Each set sold separately and contains different assortment of kitten figures. Ages 4+


  • Figures come in dynamic poses.
  • Perfect for both play and display.
  • Ages 4+‚Äč

What's Included

  • The Kitty in My Pocket 14 Piece set comes with 9 kitty figures, one glitter clip-on pouch, one play brush, one play bottle, and two bowls.

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