JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa Build-A-Bracelet Jewelry Making Set

Siwanatorz can create custom-made jewelry that is just as unique as them with the JoJo Siwa Build-A-Bracelet Set. This hands-on crafting set comes with enough bracelet accessories to create three bracelets and includes elastic string, four hanging charms, and bright and glittery beads. Kids will love creating their own colorful patterns with the beads and adding the cute JoJo inspired charms to complete their one-of-a-kind bracelets! Gift a fellow Siwanator with a friendship bracelet or wear them alone or stacked together for extra JoJo Siwa flare! Little accessorizing Siwanatorz can even match their bracelets to their outfits and really show off their awesome style! The Build A Bracelet Set is a fun gift for any JoJo Siwa fan! This 86-piece set includes pink and purple elastic string, four JoJo Siwa inspired charms, and an assortment of bright and glittery beads. Ages 6+


  • Create three custom bracelets with this crafting set.
  • Siwanatorz can create their own JoJo-inspired accessories or gift one to a friend as a friendship bracelet!
  • Ages 6+

What's Included

  • Elastic string, four hanging charms, and bright and glittery beads.

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