furReal Poop-A-Lots Corgi Interactive Toy

Taking care of a pet has never been cuter than with the furReal Poop-A-Lots Corgi Interactive Toy. This tan and white pooch is not only adorable, but also interactive and ready for play. Feed this 8-inch-tall pup some play treats. Then it’s time to walk, poop, and scoop! Click the included leash onto the corgi’s collar. Then, with a gentle push motion, take her for a walk. Her bouncy walk resembles real pets’ movements. Kids are sure to laugh out loud as this corgi pet “poops.” Use her poop scoop to collect and store treats – ready for the next round of giggly pet fun with family and friends. After the walk, kids can cuddle, pet, and nurture their puppy. furReal interactive kids’ toys make sweet additions to any kid’s collection of stuffed animals and other furReal Pets (each sold separately). Great for birthdays and everyday celebrations for kids ages 4 years and up.


  • Includes: 1 interactive toy dog, 1 leash, play treats, 1 poop scoop.
  • Adorable Pets On-The-Go: Taking care of a pet has never been simpler – or cuter than with the furReal Poop-A-Lots Corgi Interactive Toy.
  • Feed, Walk, Poop, Scoop: This adorable corgi is artfully designed with super soft tan and white fur; she’s accessorized with a purple collar, a leash, treats, and a poop scoop.
  • Learn to Care for Pets: After feeding the corgi the play treats, connect her leash and gently push down a hallway or sidewalk to see the puppy “poop.”
  • Inspire Imaginative Play: Designed for interactive play, this kids’ toy rolls along flat surfaces, eats and deposits play treats as “poop,” – just like a real puppy.
  • Demonstrate Pet Care: Kids will learn to clean up after their furReal Poops-A-Lot Corgi pup by picking up her “poop.”
  • Celebrate Life’s Moments: This interactive puppy makes birthdays and anytime celebrations lots of fun for pet lovers and kids ages 4 years and up.

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