Fidgetz Snack Stacks Burger

The Fidgetz Snack Stacks Burger consists of 7 soft, colorful layers that come together to form a squishy cheeseburger fidget toy. Busy hands will have a great time stacking lettuce, burger patty, cheese, tomato slice, pickles, and 2 bun layers to form a stretchy, somewhat sticky, and soft toy burger that’s as soothing as it is fun. Collect multiple Snack Stacks Burgers, as well as other Fidgetz Sensory Snacks to play with, share, and trade (each sold separately). Fidget toys make great gifts, stocking stuffers, door prize items, and party favors for kids and fidgety adults ages 4 years and up.


  • Included: 7-piece stackable burger toy.
  • The Perfect Fidget For Foodies: The Fidgetz Snack Stacks Burger is a stretchy, slightly sticky, and squooshy fidget toy shaped like a cheeseburger.
  • Play With Your Food: Stack lettuce, burger patty, cheese, tomato slice, and pickles between two squooshy toy buns for satisfying play.
  • Fidget Everywhere: Snack Stacks Burger and other Fidgetz Sensory Snacks fit neatly into purses and bags, allowing for silent fidget play when loud distractions are not welcome.
  • Looks Good Enough to Eat, but Please Don’t: The Fidgetz Snack Stacks Burger may look like the real thing, but is not meant for consumption.
  • Fidget a Little, Fidget a Lot: Collect different types of Fidgetz toys to experience the ultimate sensory sensations including Pop, Stretch, Light Up, Snap & Click, Squeeze, Suction, and Flip (each sold separately).
  • Gift Soothing Fun: Fidgetz toys make wonderful stocking stuffers, gifts, party favors, and grab bag kids toys for kids and little fidgeters ages 4 years and up.

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