Fidgetz Pop Em’s Pencil Case

The Fidgetz Pop Em’s Pencil Case gives kids and even adult fidgeters a bright, colorful way to pack their stuff and enjoy a soothing bubble pop fidget toy. Sized at 8 x 4.75 x 1-inch, this assortment of colorful pencil cases in different colors can be tucked into backpacks, purses, and bags. Designed to soothe busy hands with its soft texture and subtle popping sounds, this pencil case will help keep fidgety hands occupied on long car rides, while walking to school, and any time in between. Collect multiple pencil cases and other Fidgetz sensory toys to play with, share, and trade (each sold separately). Fidget toys make great gifts, stocking stuffers, door prize items, and party favors for kids and adults ages 4 years and up.


  • Included: 1 zippered pencil case.
  • Dual Purpose Fidget Toy: Fidgetz Pop Em’s Pencil Case holds writing instruments on the inside and serves as soothing bubble pop fidget toy on the outside.
  • Pleasing Pops: This 8 x 4.75 x 1-inch pouch has a pleasant texture and creates pleasing pops ideal for fidgeters with restless hands.
  • Fidget Everywhere: Fidgetz Pop Em’ Pencil Case can be tucked into backpacks, purses, or bags for all-day fidget fun.
  • Fidget a Little, Fidget a Lot: Collect different types of Fidgetz toys to experience the ultimate sensory sensations including Pop, Stretch, Light Up, Snap & Click, Squeeze, Suction, and Flip (each sold separately).
  • Gift Soothing Fun: Fidgetz toys make wonderful stocking stuffers, gifts, party favors, and grab bag kids toys for kids and fidgeters ages 4 years and up.

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