Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins On-the-Go Pet Carrier Whispers

Help your furry friends feel their best with on-the-go checkups! The new Toy Hospital on The Go Pet Vet Carrier from Disney Junior's Doc McStuffins comes with a loveable plush pet, Whispers! The carrier has a brand-new look featuring fun glittered accents, paw print windows and a heart shaped latch to close the carrier door.  Kids can carry Whispers safely and in style!  The carrier holds every tool you need to take great care of your precious pet pal, including a stethoscope, pet hair brush, otoscope, pet bandana and a 2-in-1 water and food bowl!​


  • Carrier with handle for easy transport of pet and all accessories. 
  • Comes with plush pet - Whispers.
  • Also, look for the Toy Hospital on The Go Carrier with Findo for the complete set.
  • Ages 3+.

What's Included

  • Set includes: play stethoscope, pet hair brush, play otoscope, pet bandana and 2-in-1 water and food bowl.

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