Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Waggin’ Wagon Feature Plush

It’s time to roll for a stroll with Minnie Mouse and her puppy, Cream Puff. The Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Waggin’ Wagon features a gorgeous 15-inch Minnie Mouse plush doll that walks and pulls a 4-inch Cream Puff plushie in a cute purple doggie wagon. Preschoolers will giggle as the wagon wiggles behind Minnie Mouse as she walks. Made with a velvety-soft plush fabric, Minnie Mouse has embroidered features and wears a beautiful, iridescent rainbow dress with paw-print polka dots. When Minnie is attached to the wagon, tap the heart on her chest to activate walking, talking, singing, and Cream Puff sounds. Minnie sings the “Busy Puppy” song from the show, and says 22 fun phrases! Cream Puff makes puppy noises when she’s put into or taken out of the wagon. Like Minnie Mouse, cuddly Cream Puff is super soft and has embroidered features and a colorful bow. Little Disney fans will love taking this bow-riffic pair of plush pals for daily walks. 6 x AAA batteries (included). For kids ages 3 years and up.


  • Includes: Minnie Mouse feature plush, Cream Puff plush, wagon, and wagon handle.
  • Walk and Roll With Minnie Mouse: Anytime is a good time for a wagon ride with the Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Waggin’ Wagon. This interactive toy for preschoolers features a 15-inch Minnie Mouse plush doll that walks, sings, and talks, and a 4-inch Cream Puff plushie that rides in a rolling doggie wagon.
  • Minnie Mouse Song and Phrases: Inspired by the Disney Junior Minnie’s Bow-Toons animated series, this Minnie Mouse plushie says 22 fun phrases and sings the “Busy Puppy” song from the show. She also hums the Minnie’s Bow-Toons theme song! Kids will love to hear Minnie talk and sing as the Waggin’ Wagon rocks and rolls behind her.
  • 3 Modes of Play: In Minnie Mouse & Wagon mode, Minnie walks, pulls the wagon, and plays Minnie Mouse songs and phrases. In Minnie Solo mode, Minnie sings and talks without walking. In Cream Puff Solo mode, move Cream Puff in and out of the wagon to hear her bark, pant, and make licking sounds.
  • 2 Plushies For Twice The Fun: Each plush is made of velvety soft fabric and has finely embroidered features. Minnie Mouse plush doll wears an adorable, iridescent paw-printed dress with a matching bow. Cream Puff stuffed animal is super cuddly and the perfect size for little ones to take with them wherever they go.
  • Gift Ideas For Kids: This Disney toy makes a great gift for girls and boys ages 3 years and up.
  • Batteries: Minnie Mouse requires 3 x AAA batteries (included). Wagon requires 3 x AAA (included).

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