Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Bubble Mower

Motivate toddlers to be active with a Disney Junior Mickey Mouse-themed lawnmower toy that blows sudsy bubbles and makes motor sounds while kids push it along. The colorful Mickey Mouse Bubble Mower is lightweight and has a sturdy handle that makes it easy for little ones to push and pull. Kids will love pretending to help parents with yardwork, by doing their part to “mow” the lawn. Built for imaginative, outdoor play, this kid-powered lawnmower requires no batteries and comes with a pretend gas can filled with bubble solution. For kids ages 18 months and up.


  • Amazon Exclusive Includes: mower, jar of bubble solution.
  • Mickey Mouse Bubble Mower: Inspired by Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Funhouse, the Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Bubble Mower push toy for toddlers features Mickey Mouse-themed decals and colors.
  • Outdoor Toddler Toy: This manual, outdoor push toy blows a stream of bubbles into the air as toddlers push it along. Comes with a “gas” can full of bubble solution.
  • Sound Effects: Kids will love rolling the mower and hearing the pretend motor click and whir. Turn the starter knob to hear cranking sound effects.
  • Built For Little Hands: This colorful toddler toy stands 20 inches tall and has a sturdy handle that is easy for most kids to push and pull.
  • Gift Idea For Kids: It’s the perfect gift for active toddlers and preschoolers. No batteries needed!
  • Ages 18 months and up.

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