Disney Frozen Olaf Presents Small Plush- 3 Pack Simba / Ariel / Moana

Retell the classic stories of Moana, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid with the Disney Frozen Olaf Presents 3-Piece Plush Pack. This lovable, story-telling snowman comes in costume and curtain-ready: there’s Olaf holding Moana’s oar, Olaf with Simba’s lion mane, and Olaf in Ariel’s mermaid tail. Silly Olaf! Little fans of Disney’s Frozen and Olaf Presents will delight in seeing Olaf in these looks. Each Olaf plushie is almost 9 inches tall and made of soft, huggable fabrics. With three different dolls, kids can share with friends, siblings, or parents to imagine mash-up adventures that unite characters from their favorite Disney animated films. Ages 3+


  • Disney Frozen Olaf Presents 3-Piece Plush Pack includes 3 Olaf the snowman soft toys, each dressed as a different Disney character: Moana, Simba, and Ariel.
  • Frozen fans of all ages will love these adorable Olaf plushies, inspired by Disney’s animated series Olaf Presents, in which the lovable snowman retells classic Disney tales.
  • Olaf plushies are 8.5 inches tall, a fun size to take along anywhere.
  • Made of soft, mixed fabrics, Olaf the snowman plush toys make great snuggle buddies for kids and Disney Frozen fans of all ages.

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