Disney Doorables

Disney Doorables Squish’Alots Series 2

Behind every door, tiny surprises are in store with Disney Doorables Squish’Alots Series 2 collectible figures. Open the front door to find and open the first blind bag. Then, twist the roof of the tower-shaped capsule to find a guaranteed total of 4 – but perhaps 5, or even 6 figures. Series 2 includes 40 delightfully squishy characters from beloved Disney and Pixar films. Each one stands approximately 1 inch tall. Reuse the capsule container to store, display, or play with figures. Recreate classic Disney tales or invent new adventures. The stories are endlessly fun – and get better as additional Squish’Alots figures are collected, displayed, and shared. Squish’Alots make delightful birthday – or anytime – surprises for fans of Disney kids’ toys and kids ages 5 years and up.


  • Includes: A guaranteed 4, but perhaps 5 or even 6 Disney Doorables Squish’Alots figures, 1 reusable plastic blind bag-style container.
  • Squish A Little, Squish’Alots: With Disney Doorables Squish’Alots, open the door, twist, and reveal 4-6 out of 40 favorite characters from beloved Disney stories.
  • Series 2 Characters: Find figurines inspired by the stories of Disney’s Hercules, The Aristocats, Disney Pixar’s Toy Story, and more.
  • More Doorables, More Fun: For the most spectacular play and display, add multiple Doorables Squish’Alots to the collection (each sold separately).
  • Party with Doorables: Disney Doorables make fantastic birthday – or anytime – surprises for kids and fans of Disney toys ages 5 years and up.

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