Disney Doorables

Disney Doorables Puffables Plush Toy Story

Behind every door a soft, puffy surprise is in store with the Disney Doorables Puffables Plush Toy Story 3. Discover the fun of unboxing a mystery 10-inch plushie squished inside a tiny 5-inch house. Kids will love guessing which 1 of 3 possible characters is hiding inside. Discover Lotso, Buttercup, or Hamm – all inspired by the Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3. Whichever plushie is inside, it will feature signature stylized detailing and large, glittery eyes. It will surely be a favorite among in any stuffed animal collection. Pick one – or collect them all for squishable cuddles, snuggly car rides, tea parties, movie nights, and naptime hugs (each sold separately). Cute Doorables Puffables plushies make delightful birthday – or anytime – surprises for fans of Disney toys and kids ages 5 years and up.


  • Includes: 1 Disney Doorables 10-inch Plush.
  • Small Box, Big Surprise: Unbox a mystery 10-inch plushie inside a tiny 5-inch house with the Disney Doorables Puffables Toy Story Plush.
  • Add a Little Mystery: Kids will enjoy guessing which plushie stuffed kids’ toys is inside: Lotso, Buttercup, or Hamm.
  • Unmistakable Doorables Style: Each Disney plushie stands approximately 10 inches tall and features signature Doorables style and glittery eyes.
  • Puffables Besties: Disney toy plushies encourage storytelling and interactive play, which may increase self-awareness, language, and creativity skills.
  • More Doorables Fun: Collect all 9 Series 5 plush. Find 3 different Minnie Mouse, Lotso, Buttercup, Hamm, Aurora, Belle, and Tiana (each sold separately).
  • Party with the Doorables: Disney Doorables Puffables Plush make snuggly birthday – and everyday – surprises for fans and kids ages 3 and up.

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