Disney Doorables

Disney Doorables Lockets

Click, connect, and collect beautiful Disney Doorables Lockets. Use the key charm to open the door pendant! Discover 2 accessory charms inside. Discover 3 additional storytelling charms to clip to the necklace. Ready to find out which two characters are inside? Here’s a hint: they come from the stories of Disney’s Frozen, Tangled, Moana, or Minnie Mouse. Kids can customize the door pendant with the surprise sticker and then add it to their necklace. With so many possible combinations in Series 1, kids can host a Doorables party to collect, trade and create custom-designed necklaces with friends. Charms are also compatible with the Disney Doorables Tag-A-Longs for even more mix-and-match fun (sold separately). Ages 5+


  • Includes: 1 Disney Doorables door pendant, 1 key charm, 2 iconic charms, 2 surprise friend charms, 3 storytelling charms, 1 surprise door sticker, clips, and 1 necklace.
  • Click, connect, and collect beautiful Disney Doorables Lockets. Kids can create customized jewelry with the surprises hidden inside this blind box.
  • Each character stands approximately 1 inch tall. Creating custom jewelry is a fun way for kids to express themselves and accessorize any outfit.
  • Collect all 6 door pendants, 3 necklace colors, 3 keys, 16 friend charms, and 40 icon and accessory charms. Look for 19 rare and 16 ultra-rare figures and charms.
  • Mix and match charms with other sets in the series as well as additional Doorables Tag-a-long Charms (sold separately).

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