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Disney Doorables Academy Campus Crew Figure Pack

Class is now in session with Disney Doorables Academy Campus Crew Figure Pack. Open the composition book-inspired blind box to reveal a guaranteed 5, but perhaps 6 – or even 7 surprise Doorables figures. Find characters from across the Doorables Academy faculty, student clubs, athletics, the pep rally, and the rest of the student body. Share a joke with Class Clown, Fozzy Bear. Learn a new woodworking skill from Professor Geppetto. Audition for the school play with Rainbow Unicorn. Kids will have a great time collecting figures, creating displays, and collaborating with friends to trade for rare, ultra-rare, and special edition figures. These approximately 1.5-inch tall kids’ toy figures hail from favorite Disney and Pixar stories like Disney’s Aladdin, Mickey & Friends, Big Hero 6, Brave, Zootopia, The Muppets, Pocahontas, Winnie the Pooh, Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story, Turning Red, and more. Each figure stands approximately 1.5 inches tall and features stylized detailing with sparkly glitter eyes. For even more school-days fun, add the Disney Doorables Academy Surprise Lockers (sold separately). Figures and playsets make a wonderful gift for holidays, birthdays, or “just because” surprise for collectors, fans of Disney toys, and kids ages 5 years and up.


  • Includes: A guaranteed 5, but perhaps 6, or even 7 Doorables Academy figures, 1 check list.
  • A PhD in Fun Playtime: The cutest class is now in session with Disney Doorables Academy Campus Crew Pack of special school-themed figures.
  • Iconic Doorables Design: Each school-themed Disney toy figurine stands approximately 1.5 inches tall and features signature Doorables stylized detailing and sparkly glitter eyes.
  • Fantastic Characters to Discover: Disney Doorables Academy features 45 unique members of the student body and faculty, including figures from the stories of Disney’s Pinocchio, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Mickey & Friends, The Muppets, Cinderella, Tangled, Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out, Monsters University, Toy Story Toons, and more.
  • A School Full of Fun: Collect all 45 figures, including Most Likely to Succeed (Mickey Mouse), Class Clown (Fozzie Bear), Best Athlete (Dash), and more.
  • Give the Gift of Doorables: Disney Doorables make a fun-tastic birthday or holiday gift, craft item, or a back-to-school surprise for Disney toy fans, collectors and kids ages 5 years and up.

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