Disney and Pixar Turning Red Secret Journal

In Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red, Meilin Lee turns into a giant red panda whenever she gets excited. Her biggest secret may now be out, but fans can express personal thoughts and ideas in the Disney and Pixar Turning Red Secret Journal. This notebook features a furry plush Red Panda Mei face on the cover and contains lots of pages ready for writing, a hidden compartment, stickers, and even an invisible ink UV pen. Jot down a secret, then shine the UV light on the page to reveal the message. This soft journal provides a safe space for kids to express their deepest feelings, write their secret crush’s initials, and record life’s most excitable moments. Ages 3+


  • Includes: 1 plush sculpted 8-inch Red Panda Mei Journal.
  • Meilin Lee’s biggest secret is out, but young writers can jot down their secrets in the Disney and Pixar Turning Red Secret Journal. Kids can record their crushes, funny stories, and deep feelings.
  • The journal comes with a secret compartment, 1 UV pen, and 2 sticker sheets.
  • The pen contains invisible ink and UV light. Write with the pen, then reveal the words by shining the UV light on the page.
  • Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red Secret Journal encourages kids to express their feelings and record their life stories.
  • Collect all the Turning Red toys from Just Play for creative storytelling, inspired play, and pure pandemonium.

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