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Disney and Pixar Turning Red Meilin Lee Reversible Plush Character Head

Just when Meilin Lee thinks she’s getting “a-head” of her emotions, Poof! She turns into a giant red panda! Bring home all the pandemonium and fun with the Disney and Pixar Turning Red Meilin Lee Reversible Plush Character Head. When things are calm, fun-loving junior-high girl, Meilin Lee smiles brightly. Then, flip the plush character head to reveal Red Panda Mei. Imagine the fun kids will have retelling the story of “Turning Red,” or making up entirely new adventures. Parents may even use this sweet plush as a super soft conversation tool that helps kids talk about their feelings – or simply add a very exciting pop of color to beds, couches, and more. Ages 3+


  • As featured in Amazon's Toys We Love List!
  • Includes: 11-inch Reversible Meilin Lee Plush Character Head.
  • Bring home the pandemonium of Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red with this super-soft Meilin Lee Reversible Plush Character Head.
  • Red Panda Mei’s super soft fur is wonderful to hold and hug, making this cushion ideal for soothing cuddles and imaginative storytelling.
  • This reversible plush serves as a wonderful tool for meaningful conversations about a range of excitable emotions, but also, as a prompt for imaginative storytelling.
  • Collect all the Turning Red toys from Just Play for creative storytelling, inspired play, and pure pandemonium.

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