Disney and Pixar Turning Red Meilin Lee Doll

Join the pandemonium with the Disney and Pixar Turning Red Meilin Lee Doll. This sweet kid may seem like your average middle school student, but she has a secret. When her emotions surge, she turns into a giant red panda – and causes pandemonium until she calms down. This 6-inch Meilin doll is articulated, poseable, and comes with a removable red panda hoodie, leggings, and sneakers. She is sure to spark imaginative play, reenactments, new adventures, and creative storytelling. A great gift for Pixar fans, this beautifully crafted Deluxe Meilin Lee Doll is something to get excited about. Ages 3+


  • Includes: 6-inch Meilin Lee doll with Panda hoodie.
  • The Disney and Pixar Turning Red Meilin Lee Doll helps kids explore a wide range of emotions from excitement to calmness. Meilin’s fashionable red panda hoodie serves as a visual reference for kids’ feelings.
  • Meilin’s panda hoodie is removable, allowing kids to reenact favorite scenes from Turning Red – or make up their own adventures.
  • Collect all the Turning Red toys from Just Play for creative storytelling, inspired play, and pure pandemonium.

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