Barbie Purse Perfect Makeup Case

With the Barbie Purse Perfect Makeup Case, there’s no reason to be caught any place without a little sparkle and dazzle. This purse-shaped case features beautiful shades of pink, teal, and blue. A tactile, beaded handle makes for simple and stylish on-the-go play. The case includes 9 pieces to discover and explore: 1 unicorn-shaped face makeup palette; 1 rainbow-shaped face makeup palette; 4 gem-shaped face makeups; 1 applicator brush; and 2 sparkle-tastic gem rings to wear and share. Imagine the fun of makeup parties at sleepovers! This set inspires young cosmetologists and fashionistas to create beautiful makeup looks on themselves, family, and friends. Ages 5+


  • Includes: 1 purse-shaped makeup case, 1 unicorn face makeup palette, 1 rainbow face makeup palette, 4 gem-shaped face makeups, 1 applicator brush, and 2 rings.
  • There’s never any reason to be caught without a little dazzle and glam with the Barbie Purse Perfect Makeup Case. Play makeup is a wonderful way for young kids to express their creativity.
  • The purse-shaped case features a beaded handle for easy transport. Kids can create great makeup looks on themselves and friends at makeup parties, sleepovers, birthdays, and any time a little extra sparkle and dazzle is needed.
  • The Barbie Purse Perfect Makeup Case creates fun opportunities for young kids to practice their makeup skills. Kids learn self-expression through their makeup creations.

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