Barbie So Fab Make Up Set

Sparkle like Barbie with all the Barbie Beauty essentials! There are over 25 pieces to play with in the Barbie Deluxe Boxed Make-up Set!  Bling up those nails with a fabulous manicure! This set includes everything a doll needs for a perfect mani including a real working nail dryer, polishes, pretend nails and decals! Complete the look with collectible fashion rings and a a glamorous new make-up look.


  • The Barbie Deluxe Boxed Make-Up Set has everything needed to glam up your day!
  • Ages 5+

What's Included

  • The Barbie Deluxe Boxed Make Up Set comes with 25 pieces, including manicure accessories, nail polish, a real working nail dryer, nail decals, lip gloss and more!

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