Barbie Club Chelsea Slumber Party Set

Get ready for some slumber party fun! The Barbie Club Chelsea Sleepover Set has everything your little one needs to throw her Club Chelsea Dolls the ultimate sleepover experience! Chelsea can snuggle up in her cute sleeping bag and pillow that matches her adorable pajamas and share secrets with her friends over play snacks and drinks! Chelsea wears a precious pair of bunny slippers and features poseable arms and legs to promote imaginative play! Help your Chelsea doll win a game of checkers with the play checkerboard and post about her fun time with her play tablet! With the Barbie Chelsea Sleepover Set, the sleepover fun never ends! Full set includes: One Club Chelsea doll dressed in pajamas, one sleeping bag with matching pillow, one bowl of play popcorn, one plat tablet, one checkerboard, one play cookie, one play milk cup. Ages 3+.


  • Chelsea Doll stands 14" tall.
  • Chelsea features poseable arms and legs.
  • Doll comes dressed in removeable pajamas. 
  • Play a game of checkers with your Chelsea doll!
  • Tuck Chelsea in for bed in her comfy sleeping bag!
  • Chelsea can share snacks with her friends!
  • Everything you need for the perfect slumber party!
  • Ages 3+.

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