Barbie Best Fashion Friend Brunette

Standing over two feet tall, Barbie has never looked more beautiful or stylish! Barbie is articulated so you can move her in fun poses and she comes dressed in a trendy removable outfit complete with stylish peep-toe shoes and beautiful rooted eyelashes! She even comes with a necklace to add to the fashion fun! Collect Barbie in all her many styles for a fabulously fun time! Ages 3+


  • Barbie Best Fashion Friend Doll stands 28" tall.
  • Doll comes dressed in a fashionable removable outfit.
  • Barbie features articulated arms so you can move her into fun poses!
  • Features deluxe rooted eyelashes.
  • Ages 3+‚Äč Some items might be hidden. Include these in your search

What's Included

  • Comes with trendy accessories including: shoes, and necklace.

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