Assorted Metal Slinky 3-pack

The Original Slinky Brand Fidget Toy Assortment 3-Pack is a triple dose of jiggly-wiggly fun. Generations of children and adults have loved Slinky, the metal spring toy that “walks downstairs, alone or in pairs.” With this Amazon Exclusive 3-Pack, kids will enjoy Slinky in 3 sizes: the giant 3.5-inch, the classic 2.75-inch, and the adorable junior 1.5-inch Slinky. Imagine the fun of kinetic motion exploration, Slinky races, and unique slink-ity rhythm combinations. Since 1943, over 300 million Slinkys have been sold worldwide. This National Toy Hall of Fame retro toy makes an ideal gift, party favor, basket/stocking stuffer, or door prize for kids ages 5 years and up.


  • AMAZON EXCLUSIVE SET INCLUDES: 1 Giant, 1 Classic, and 1 Slinky Junior.
  • THREE SLINKYS – THREE TIMES THE FUN: The Original Slinky Brand Fidget Toy Pack is a triple dose of jingly-wiggly fidget toy fun.
  • THREE SIZES FOR MAXIMUM PLAY POTENTIAL: 3 Slinkys in this Amazon Exclusive pack include a 3.5-inch Giant, 2.75-inch Classic, and 1.5-inch Slinky Junior (sizes in diameter).
  • THEY WALK DOWNSTAIRS, ALONE OR IN PAIRS: These 3 classic metal spring toys stretch, wiggle, and jiggle.
  • GIFT THE ORIGINAL SLINKY BRAND: An ideal birthday gift, stocking stuffer, party favor, Easter basket stuffer, grab bag, or door prize for boys and girls ages 5 years and up.

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